Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drunk Blogging

8-25-11 pondering brain
Two non-drinkers meet at a bar, one a progressive, the other a conservative. One had just been at the mall after work, the other just got out of an acupuncture treatment. Each had one drink. Which one was drunk?

It sounds like a joke, but in reality it was my life Wednesday night. Ann and I met for dinner at Saints in Beaverdale. We did talk politics since I was in the news yesterday with my Letter to the Editor.

I had three phone calls during the day: two from church friends giving me a thumbs up, one from a total stranger from Clarion Iowa, an elderly man, just wanted to “tell me thanks” for my Letter to the Editor.

Ok, I don’t claim the understand politics and I don’t have the answers to how the government should be run….. But two things I know for sure:
1.  I know Jesus, and I know of his love, compassion and forgiveness, and I don’t see that in most GOP politician’s policies, even when they feverishly wave the banner of Christianity.

2.  AND I know our Government is not perfect, but which other country do you want to live in? Everyone needs to pay for all the benefits you get from living in our US society. Security, roads, clean air, safe foods to eat, and we have to pay for the two wars (some of us didn’t agree with); and we have to pay for health and drugs of the elderly (some of us didn’t agree with)…… WHAT do you want to do without?
 Everyone says they want a smaller (limited) government which doesn’t interfere with individual freedoms and happiness (except those who what to control who we love and what we do with our bodies). But, no one wants to pay for it..... shouldn't everyone pay the piper, if you want to dance along in this wonderful country of the USA?

Sure, I agree,  let’s make people work for their welfare check…. I’m for that. The CCC and WPA back in the 1930’s put people to work and our country got some wonderful National Parks because of it.

I learned about one such National Park in Colorado at Grand Junction during our vacation, where the 23 miles of road around the rim of this awesome mesa and canyons were build thanks to US putting unemployed people to work during the 1930’s. . Unemployment in the 30’s was more like 25%, during Reagan in 1982 it was 10.2% now it’s 9.4%, ....  so what is so historic about today? What's all the fuss about?

We had deficit 10 trillion during GW's years and not a peep from my GOP friends then. Even Dick Cheney told Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill  "deficits don't matter" when O'Neill warned of a looming fiscal crisis. If it didn't matter in 2004, why does it matter now?..... Why now all the fuss when Obama is President and not when GW was President?

I'm just asking?
I don’t understand the irony or hypocrisy of it all!

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  1. Go for it Judy, you have the right to say and ask, some will agree and some won't agree.

    All I know is, I work every day, pay my fair share of taxes, expect the government to use it wisely and not tell me how to run my life. If they are not, then I vote them out, judges too.

    I agree to disagree and that's why we are great friends.