Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally a "summer" I can live with

8-15-11 grateful brain
Sunday was a wonderful summer day, the kind of summer day one can really enjoy. I'm back in Des Moines now, and last night the low was 58 degrees.... wonderful sleeping weather with windows wide open. AND the high today was only 81 degrees with low humidity. I noted there was even a hint a September today.

After being gone for two weeks, I came home to find my garden a complete disaster! I'm ashamed to say I live here.... the garden looks like the house is vacant. Besides the flowers starting to dry up, the weeds were still growing strong. I'm fighting two types of vines in my yard, and several other weeds too, and this month they are over running the place!

Here the weeds carpet the patio brink.
OK maybe it is time for Greg's type of gardening- with some Round-up?

I did work out in the yard for an hour, then had to rest my pinkie toe, which was injured last week. It might be broken, or just just badly bruised. I've tried to stay off of it the best I can, but I think I over did it yesterday.

Molly, note this is the new bush I bought with you.... it has pretty flowers.

Kelley, note this is a side of the black metal bed we "picked" early in the spring.... my is now covered with Morning Glories. I wonder what Kelley's looks like now? Gee- I haven't seen her since June :(

Also today, I started an art project for my neighbors in KC, Kim and Terry's bedroom. They gave me the extra paint they had been sampling to find the just right color they wanted on the walls, and now I will try to turn this into some fun pixel artwork for them. I'm calling it "Fudge Surprise" after Ann's FB comment.

Greg, Note my drink: this is my "Gatorade Margarita". Since I"m a light-weight and not too much of a drinker, my recipe is 1/3 water, 1/3 Gatorade, and 1/3 Margarita mix. Tasty!

All in all, I had a delightful day which started with 9:30 Church to ground me this week and smiling faces to greet me back home after that fantastic trip to Colorado with Greg.

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