Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

8-12-11 history brain
One more day of a vacation story- our last day while we were returning back to KC, we only had about 4 hours to drive, since we stopped over night in Hays KS, rather than drive until 1:00 AM…. I would have been happy just to get back home early, but Greg had one more stop for us on Monday.

This was in Abilene KS, the home of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and this is where his Presidential Library is located. This was an interesting place, as most presidential libraries are to those who love learning about history. I enjoyed the Eisenhower Museum very much which included the Presidential Library, Chapel where he is buried, the house where he grew up in (still set in the original location in Abilene) and the museum was full of interesting things. Ann needs to put this on her bucket list, since it is only a few hours from KC.

This proved to be serendipitous for me these last few weeks. Eisenhower of course was famous General in WWII on the European arena. He was President when I was born, although I barely remember “news” from the 50’s, I do remember the early 60’s and I am currently reading the book “The Help” which is set in the early 60’s in the South. I do remember my Mother with a collection of “I Like IKE” political pins. Also it seems I keep running to references of Eisenhower a lot lately, like this Letter to the Editor this week in the KC Star newspaper. (see end of blog)

Eisenhower is the “father” of the interstate highways and the start of the space exploration…. Eisenhower signed legislation to add the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance…. In 1961 he warned about the affects and cost of the “military-industrial complex”…. He promoted Peace in an address in April 16, 1953, …..
 I like this Eisenhower quote: “One of these days, people are going to demand peace, and their governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.”

I can really respect this, coming from a WWII General who saw the heartbreak and destruction of war first hand.

An interesting fact I didn’t know that in 1953, both the Republicans and Democrats wanted “Ike” to run on their ticket. Candidates were picked a little different back then… and it all boiled down to the conventions.
Also interesting to note the Tax Rate for the "rich" making over $250,000 per year was about 90% back in the 50's. Guess this helped fund the highway and space projects, as well as create all those jobs for the WWII vets..... also probably help create the "baby boom" years of expanding middle class?? Good times.... well less you were black, as I'm reading about in the book "The Help". (The movie is coming out this weekend I believe)

I especially liked learning about Mamie Eisenhower. Here are some of her clothes... seems she was into hats!

Letter to Editor:
Changing GOP
I am 79 years old. I’ve lived with my eyes and ears open. I am a Republican. My ideals of the Republican Party are President Abraham Lincoln, President Theodore Roosevelt, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

This may explain why I have not voted for a Republican since the last time Bob Dole ran for Senate. I am now wishing John McCain and Sarah Palin on the GOP presidential ticket had won the last election because we would then truly be able to see just what and who it was that got us, the United States, into this god-awful mess.
Our more-of-th-same policies would have been attributed to those who actually promulgated them. People tend to forget, you know, and politicians depend on that.

So if you like our unemployment rate, the obscene profits and executive compensation in the money sector, and if you think Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck would be great policymakers, Newt Gingrich is an example of high morality and Sarah Palin’s grasp of history makes her Mensa material, just keep votin’ for every Republican you can find in today’s party. We’ll all deserve what you get.
~William L. Johnston (Lenexa)

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