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Love Me Some Iowa State Fair – Part One
Taking a break to chat about the Iowa State Fair and yes, I’ll report, you can decide, if you too “love me some fair”. So what’s the draw to the fair? I’ve been pondering this and the only answer I can come up with is that it’s a sample of the best and worst of people in one area. I’ll be positive and chat about the best and since I have a few more words n’ pics to share, I’m splitting this post in two.

I’ve been a faithful “fair-goer” for the last five years. I go more for the entertainment (free stage) and less for the food (cheapskate). I try to go 5-7 of the 11 days to catch the acts on the free stage. This year I got there 6 of the 11 days and other than the weekend, most of the days was after work, 6-10 pm when the admission is $5 ($10 on Friday-Sunday).  

Like a good planner, I scout out the Grandstand acts in March to see if there’s a show or two that will get me to pay $50. Last year was the first time in 20 or so years that I forked out the cash, buying tickets for Kris Allen (American Idol) who was touring with Keith Urban (HOT!). Let me say, this was a great show. Keith Urban is one great singer and guitar player and love Kris Allen for being himself.
This year, double headliner Maroon 5 and Train caught my eye as well as Janet Jackson. Then there’s the “free stage”, hometown acts, oldies but goodies and up and coming acts. Once the acts are announced, I plan my days at the fair to see most of them. Most years, the acts are very good, if not great. Then there’s the occasional “record breaker”, the largest “Drop-Stop n’ Roll” sponsored by the State Fire Marshall. Darn it, I did not make it out for this one. Yes, the record was broken and what an awesome photo.

The must see’s include Jack’s Cookbook stand in the Varied Industry Building, the array of vendors selling the “latest gadgets”, the Butter Cow, the Cakes in the Elwell building, the Bill Riley Talent show, the big “pumpkin” as well as the big animals. Lastly, the food mmmmmmm must have a corndog, gyro, apple dessert and pineapple whip. I’m not into fried foods that much so I limit myself to just the corndog.  Here’s a compilation of pictures and let’s see what I got done in 6 days. Yikes, do I love the fair or what!

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