Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More vacation pictures from Winter Park

8-9-11 working brain

I'm back at work today, but still thinking about the great time Greg and I had in Winter Park.

One of my favorite activities was doing to Alpine slide- twice! The ride is the longest Alpine slide in Colorado. You ride on this type of sled, which you have control over the speed. Just the ride up to the top was fun too!

At the top getting ready to go.

Me coming down.

The flowers in Winter Park Resort as well as in the town of Winter Park were so beautiful!
Can you spot the hummingbird in this picture?
It's about 4:00 from the red flower.

The weather in Winter Park was great most of the time, but also with a few interesting moments. In the afternoon, it often would have some rain clouds pass by and in one part of the sky the sun would be shinning and the other part of the sky it would be raining.

This picture shows both and the contrast was striking.

Since we did so much driving in Colorado in the days prior to our time in Winter Park, we only ended up going on one Mini Copper drive. This was an ice cream run which ended up at a pretty lake.

Sunday morning was the last of the Mini Copper activities with a wonderful brunch up at the mountain top lodge. Here we were at our highest, about 11,000 ft.

I had so much fun on this Colorado trip and the Mini in the Mountains Rally, that I believe I will return next year. I'm thinking of taking the train from Osceola Iowa out to Fraser CO, which is only 3 miles from Winter Park. I'll let Greg drive the car out, so I don't get so tired of riding in the car.

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