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8-4-11 freaked out brain
My friend Ann sure has a passion for politics!

Road to the White House ‘12

My oh my, are things heating up in Iowa or what? And I don’t mean the temperature.

As an informed voter, I’m doing my very best to keep track of the many events related to the 2012 Presidential election. Specifically, who’s running and who’s not. I’ll make no bones about this, I am a Republican and I don’t get my daily talking points from Rush, O’Riely or Glen Beck. In fact, my opinions are formed by watching the candidates. To my surprise, most of my friends are dem’s.

2011 stared with a few front runners like Romeny, Huckabee, Gingrich, Trump and the Mayor himself. Then comes Pawlenty, Cain, Paul. Santrioum, Bachman and a few others. Today, I hear that Governor Rick Perry might throw his hat in the race. Wowser, so many and what about Sarah Palin? Here’s what I’ve seen and observed.

To get noticed, you have to be out and about and a book tour really gets you recognized. In January, Gov Huckabee came through Iowa for a book signing. The media was all over him and he had his big bus. Now that alone gets you noticed.

Then in February, Gov Pawlently came through for a book singing. While he did not have a bus, he drew a lot of media. “Gov are you running for President?” Sad to say, he’s just not polling and getting the traction that he should have.

If not a book, why not a mini-debate minus the debate. The event was sponsored by Iowa Family Policy (something like that) and wow, Newt, Cain, Santrioum, Pawlenty and a few others were there. I’ll tell you that I was disappointed at Newt as soon as he said “I was so busy with work … that led him astray … he asked God for forgiveness”. Sorry, poor excuse.

So who’s the front runner? Gosh, it’s so up in the air. I feel for the candidates who have been pressing the flesh only to be polled behind some who are not even running. The first big test will be on August 13th at the Iowa Straw Poll. I’ve been to two of these and it’s a huge event and one that can either make you or break you. Yes, I will be going.

One last item, of the many candidates running, I’ve only seen 1 campaign bus, that of Michele Bachman. She’s a very interesting candidate. Today on NPR the headline was “does she fire you up or does she freak you out”? All I can say is move over Sarah, Michele is the new sheriff in town.

So where is Romeny? He’s skipping Iowa for now. Big mistake Mitt, big mistake.

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That Girl, Ann Maire

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