Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Report: Saturday

8-22-11 slow Monday brain
Saturday was a laid back sort of day normal day, and it really felt good. Greg and I started the day off at our usual neighborhood breakfast place, then we worked on an house project together and for a brief time it felt like I was back living a normal (non-split-in-two) life.

Since we’ve been living in two places now for 4 years, our priorities have not been on caretaking of a house. Instead, our weekends are spent having fun together as a couple….kind of like we are dating again. So it does seem a bit crazy that we own two homes. It seemed to make sense as an investment at the time, but I do struggle a bit with how to care for two homes, when I only live part-time at each place.

Then Saturday late afternoon, we enjoyed time with neighbors at the first ever Allison Avenue Talent Show, which was organized by two neighborhood girls, Anne and Maddie. I was asked to be a judge, and to my surprise I was THE judge…. But it was fun. We had 5 acts ranging from music, dance, hula hooping and bubble blowing.

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