Thursday, August 11, 2011

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8-11-11 grateful for friends brain
Glad Ann is filling in today, I'm still getting back on work schedule after my Colorado vacation. Also want to wish Jean Ann a Happy Birthday. ~ Judy

Potpourri of Thoughts
Gosh, where do I begin with my thoughts …. Iowa Straw Poll (Aug 13th), Iowa State Fair (Aug 11-21), Road Trip ’11, Tracing My Roots, Backyard Ravine Project, House Rich – Cash Poor …. To name a few. I’ll say it’s been a wild three weeks and I’ll use this post to summarize my thoughts and write about my adventures over the next few weeks.          
My road trip began with bunking at Judy’s the day before I left due to no air conditioning at Casa de Anhalt. Go figure, new house, new technology and at the height of a heat-wave we had no AC, thus “house rich - cash poor”. Mucho thank you Judy and thanks for not giving me the business re: waxing and coloring my hair. 

Speaking of house rich - cash poor, it has taken me six years to order window treatments for the house. With 20 of 30 windows in our 4200 sq feet house needing window treatments, I elected to sew curtains, much like Judy. After weeks of estimates with several vendors, I just handed over the credit card and said “order it before I change my mind”. You don’t get much for $2,500 (4 windows).

The 3000 mile road trip was successful, making five legs to the trip: DSM to PA, PA to NYC, NYC to Hartford, Hartford to Toronto, Toronto to DSM. Of the many things I saw and did, I took time and detoured off I-80 when I saw the sign for Punxsutawney, PA. Over the years Dad chuckled about Phil on Groundhog’s day, and when we would pass the sign off the interstate, he would go on and on about Phil and I’d say, too much of a detour for us. The rest of the story will be interesting and for me, self-fulfilling.

In addition to my gray roots, I feel very rich with my genetic roots. Not only was I born on an island, Trinidad and Tobago, my ancestors are from India, China and Venezuela. I’m working hard to enjoy the richness of my roots. Going to Toronto for Caribana is painting that picture for me.

Three big events this week will showcase Iowa. First, nine candidates will be at the republican debate in Ames. And with the recent financial news, I hope the candidates will give clear answers versus political rhetoric. Then there’s the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday, showcasing five of the nine candidates.

Most importantly, the long awaited Iowa State Fair begins on Thursday. The best State Fair in the country (so it’s said). Oh how I love the fair, the people, the food, the vendors and the MUSIC. I’m stoked to see Maroon 5, Train and Janet Jackson among the oldies but goodies on the free stages.

Oh yeah, my apologies for the misspelling and/or wrong words over the last few posts. They are mostly my errors but some will be blamed for auto-correction, haha hehe. Like Waldo, do your best to find my errors and I’ll do my best to do the same.
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