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8-24-11 amused brain
Put more paper in your printer Dad..... Ann has a lot of pictures in this blog! 
Who needs Europe, when you can travel to NY! ~Judy

Concrete Jungle – New York City (NYC) or Bust!

So why travel to NYC, well, why not? To be honest, NYC was only 3 hours from Hartford and since I planned on seeing my Dad’s brother, why not get both done in one trip. And when I found out that one of our favorite singers was performing at the FOX Studios, that alone sealed the deal. My sister and her daughter agreed to join me, taking the train from Washington, DC. Our timing was near perfect, they took a cab from Penn Station and I drove through the Lincoln Tunnel to the heart of Manhattan/Times Square to the Residence Inn. My car was in a sea of yellow cabs and bikes, yikes. Thank you Lord and Mr. Garmin for getting me here safe and sound, 1200 miles later.

We were in NYC from 1 pm on Thursday – 1 pm Sunday. And yes, it was the hottest week, like most of the country, 100 plus in the shade, but that did not stop us, okay, did not stop ME. We made a laundry list of things to do and by golly, got most of it accomplished.

Times Square, Fox Studios, Today Show/Rockefeller Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of Modern Art, Boat Cruise, Air Craft Carrier, Flat Iron Building, Chinatown, Little Italy, Ground Zero, Financial District, Central Park, Trump Tower to name a few. Here’s a pic of Times Square, pedestrian friendly and “café” like, much like Paris.

Friday, walked to the Fox Studios (six blocks) at 7 am for good seating, and wow, scored great seating. Fox does not have the draw like The Today Show (Cee lo Green was performing) but what a great stage, picnic tables, and best of all Famous Dave’s BBQ. Michael Franti was on stage and wowser, what a great time we had, heat and all. He sang, chatted, danced and goofed around with the crowd. Yes, I got myself right up in his “grill”. Man, Dad would of loved this show! To boot, I got to see some of the Fox n’ Friends newscasters. Joy Joy, that made my day.

One should not go to NYC without “getting your art on” and when it’s free (Friday afternoon) we got our “artsy fartzy”. After googling what I must see, we did just that: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Water Lilies by Claude Monet, The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí, Dance by Henri Matisse, Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, One by Jackson Pollock, Map by Jasper Johns.

We got the MOMA done in 2 hours (reminds me of the Louvre) then headed for a 2 hour Sunset cruise, sailing down the Hudson, around Battery Park (ground zero area), up the East River, under the Brooklyn-Manhattan-Williamsburg Bridges and back. It was a great evening, beautiful sights capped off by a nice view of the Intrepid Museum. Friday was a long, long day.

Saturday was check-off day: Chinatown for some goodies, Little Italy for food and a walkabout at ground zero. We were able to sneak in a festival in SoHo and I got to the Flat Iron Building. I love this building.

Up till now, we were cabbing our trips but to see Ground Zero, best to get on the subway. Other than reading the instructions re: ticket purchase, the subway is the most efficient and cheapest way to get around. Do you remember where you were on 9-11-2001? Yep I sure do and one month prior, I was in NYC, right at the Twin Towers. What a darn shame. Glad we were able to see the area and the hundreds of admires remembering the victims of this horrific event.

Sunday was a day to pack up, but not before tackling Central Park. I was willing to do walk the park but was convinced to take the “human rickshaw” around the park. What a park, and how can you not love this park, Strawberry Fields and all.

NYC my favorite city in the USA, for the diversity and so many things to see and do. Walking through Times Square can put a traveler like me in London, Paris, Moscow, Rome with the lights and hoards of people. Our hotel was fantastic, convenient and the free hot breakfast was de-lish. The best part of my trip was spending time with my sister and niece. It’s been too long and Dad would have been proud of us.

Next leg, NYC to Hartford to see my Uncle Mickey and get my Dad’s life story. Yes, I’ll be back to the “Big Apple”!

Chat later!

That Girl, Ann Marie

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