Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday This and That

8-18-11 creative brain
A framing marathon is doing on over here. I’m getting more Peace Art framed to replace those sold at the show at the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic, AND to get stocked up for my future show at Westminster this fall. I’m selling the small 8 x8 inch ones for $35 a piece or 3 for $100. I won't get rich on this creative venture, but it's all about sharing the "peace out into the world".

Iowa is still deep into politics this week:
I know some of you don’t like when I get all “political on you”, but I couldn’t help post this video…. Since many of you know my lack of love for GW. Now I can have Rick Perry glued to my wall dart board. :)

Someone described Rick Perry as George Bush on steroids. I know Ann will say he is very good looking, and that is true, but so is Adam Levine and you wouldn’t want him running the country now, would you?

When is the GOP going to find me a sane conservative I could vote for? Mitt Romey might be close, if he would just stand up and be proud of what he did as Governor. He didn't destroy Massachusetts did he?

PS: Thanks girlfriends for getting me out of the house last night for dinner. I was starting to go a little stir crazy here. Ann and Carolyn pose here wtih Ann's new boyfriend.

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  1. Gee everyone, ONLY Teresa caught my error in which state Gov. Romey was from. I knew better, but was confused easily.... as Teresa will contest to. :)
    Thanks Teresa!