Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation part 1

8-2-11 vacationing brain
One of the nicest things about vacationing in Colorado this time of year is the delicious juicy peaches!

Other thing nice about spending Monday night in the mountains (Durango), is that we finally escaped the heat. Here there is no humidity and temperatures are in the 70's by day and 60's at night. Wow, it feels great!

And another nice thing about Colorado is dipping my feet into a cool mountain stream.

Three days driving so far, and Saturday and Sunday were very hot days in western Kansas and eastern Colorado. The first part of our vacation  was following the Santa Fe train line from KC out to La Junta and seeing some of the old depots. Those pictures will have to wait until I download my camera.

The other part of our trip is a scouting trip. We are doing some exploring, taking our time and stopping to see anything that looks interesting. We saw grooves out on the prairie made by all the wagon trails moving out west on the Santa Fe trail. This was a hot day, 105, but no humidity as in Iowa, so it was tolerable.

So far the most interesting unplanned thing we came upon was Bents Fort Colorado. It was first build as a trading post for the Indians and the Mountain man who were fur traders. This was in the early 1800's. This fort was rebuild in the exact replica in 1975.

More later as I have the engergy to blog, and a good Internet connection along the way.

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