Tuesday, September 8, 2009


9-8-09 balanced brain
Saturday of Labor Day Weekend:
Greg and I met up with Molly and her niece Megan for lunch at a Greek Restaurant in KC. Greg then proceeded to a car show, and I went with Molly and Megan to an alternative medicine lecture.

I didn’t have any clue or expectations on what this was going to be, all I knew was that we were going to Molly’s yoga instructor’s house for two hours. There were about a dozen in attendance and we met our instructor David who was from New Zealand. So I was happy that I would at least be entertained by listening to a cool accent.

We were introduced to Ayurveda which means life, and knowledge/science. So this is an ancient “science” about life. We learned about the “Three Doshas”… these are very similar to the five elements (water, earth, fire, wood, metal) I’ve learned about in Chinese Medicine, and Fung Shui.

The Doshas are made up of two elements each:
Vata: Ether(space) & Air
Pitta: Fire & Water
Kapha: Earth & Water

So during the two hours we learned and explored what our primary Doshas were and what this has to do with how we get and stay healthy and balanced.

I enjoyed spending time with Molly’s niece Megan (pictured here with me the next day out at Molly’s farm).

Molly and I have been two matchmaking Aunts over the last few years or so. We tried to get my nephew Christopher and Megan introduced to each other. It was hard to do since they live many states apart, but we thought they might hit it off. They seem to us like they could be two peas in a pod. Both are studying history, have red hair and a bit shy around the opposite sex- the semi nerdy types.

Molly and I did manage to connect these two via Facebook a few years back, and it looked like a nice friendship was taking hold. These two did finally meet once face to face over last Christmas vacation. I don’t think it went anywhere…… oh well, at least Molly and I tried.

NOW after learning about Ayurveda…. I see where Megan and Christopher are probably too much alike to be much good for each other as partners. Both are strong in Pitta and it would be better for them to find someone who can balance that out with more Vata and Kapha.

If you want to learn more just google “Ayurveda”… there is a lot of information out there.

For the record, currently I am fairly balanced between the Three Doshas... on the self assessment I was 9-Vata, 9-Pitta, 6-Kapha...... after 10 years of acupuncture and self exploration and self care, I would have expected no less.

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  1. Wow, sounds like I have to take a class on this. Glad you and Molly and niece had a good time and a good learning experience.

    Now, when are you coming back to Bvdale?