Saturday, September 5, 2009

My "new normal" life

9-5-09 Tale of Two Cities brain
This has been my week to spend in KC. I’ve been spending a week each month down in KC with Greg. Really its 11 days when you count the weekend on each side of the week. Then on the other weekends in the month, Greg tries to take a 3 day weekend up in Des Moines. So I figure we get to spend at least 15-17 out of 30 days together.

This is working out well…and it is kind of fun. This has become our “new normal” as they say. It won’t be forever…. Just for now.

I find I get a lot of work done when I’m in KC with my laptop. Not so many distractions here. Our house is in a nice quiet neighborhood for the most part. My only distractions might be the neighborhood animals. Once in awhile there is a barking dog.

My KC routine has been to walk around the block at lunchtime or for afternoon break. And I usually find myself looking for my new friends….. the neighbor's cats: Kojo and Pixel.

Recently I’ve also discovered another pet down the street that I like to walk by and “observe”…. I haven’t been able to get close enough to be friends yet with this animal.

It’s a goose.

At first I thought it was just a lawn ornament which kept being moved around the yard. Then Greg told me it was a real goose. Sure enough when I tried to go meet the goose the other day…. It came at me like a guard dog, honking and making a lot of noise. I couldn’t even get close enough to take a good picture. The goose also has a companion, the family dog.

Since birds seem to be allowed in this neighborhood, maybe Molly will let Peeps come stay with Greg and I from time to time…. and maybe Peeps can keep down the mosquito population. (That’s my major complain about KC this summer)

Tomorrow I’ll get to visit Peeps the peacock again since Greg and I plan to attend Molly and Jeff’s Labor Day party out at Aggie Acres. I don’t believe it will be warm enough for pond floating though.


  1. Go for it, wear some longjohns and jump in. Make sure you have a drink for me. I'll be dying to read and see your pics/write up of the fun day tomorrow.

  2. Maybe the goose is protecting babies?

    Is the name of your blog partly because of this living arrangement?

  3. Yes Ruth, I started this blog in January 2009 to help me navigate through this year of change, transitioning from DM life to KC… but it turned out I didn’t have to give up DM life… I just added a KC life. But I’ve always felt split in two…. For example when I try to argue or defend my point of view, I also usually can see the other side too…. Thus I often appear to ride the fence. Hey I like that as a blog title too…. “Riding the Fence”!
    PS: I haven't noticed babies in the yard.

  4. OH I looked at that picture and thought the same thing and I was looking for one of those silly goose outfits on it.
    cool pictures