Friday, September 18, 2009

Frog in the toilet

9-18-09 reminiscing brain
I’m back from my 2.5 day trip into Iowa City and having a “light” Friday, recuperating from my busy week. I’ve already worked 40+ hours this week, but have loose ends to tie up today. We had a successful conference and I’m just glad it’s over. This has taken up most of my work energy all summer long.

I was pleased to see that my childhood friend Laurel (Tuesday’s posting) did visit my blog and posted some of her cat memories. One of my goals for 2010 will be to see Laurel one way or another, either in Iowa or in Colorado.

It’s interesting what people remember from the past and I love hearing stories my old friends Steve, Robin, Jean Ann, Alice, my sister, and now Laurel. Often some of my own strongest memories are small and insignificant.

I was remembering the times the girls in my neighborhood would have slumber parties and remembering the silly things we would do. We must have been giggling the whole night away. I remember my sister and I pretending to be the Beatles with Lynn and Laurel and we used the ping pong paddles as our guitars as we lip-synced along to the records.

We often would play board games such at Clue or Risk, and once in awhile someone would get a Ouija board out. I still have one up in my closet. I found it the other day when I was getting my “45” records out to blog about. Yes, this closet needs to be cleaned and organized…. “Jean Ann help!”…. (Inside joke!).

I’ve heard people say that Ouija boards can bring evil spirits, so you need to use with caution. As a child, I don’t think I ever had a true revealing Ouija experience, but I do remember feeling like the finger pad piece was freely moving and vibrating a bit, but I always suspected the other kid was moving it. Our questions to the Ouija board usually involved finding out if certain boys liked us.

One of my strongest memories of Lynn and Laurel was one of the times they were spending the night with my sister Jan and I at our house. For some reason our twin beds were set up on my bedroom. So I’m remembering Jan and Lynn sleeping in one bed (they were in the same class) and Laurel and I in the other bed (Laurel was one year ahead of Jan and Lynn, and I was one year younger).

The lights were off and we were telling silly jokes and stories to each other. I love jokes, but for the life of me, even now am not good about remembering jokes or telling jokes…. But this one has always stayed with me for 45 years. I believe Laurel told the joke, but it could have been Lynn.

The joke is about the story of a frog that had to spend a night in a toilet. This poor frog suffered many hardships…. Then the joke went on to describe several of these such as …. “it rain on and off all night long”….. OK my mind has forgotten the details….. but surprising the punch line has stayed with me all these years, and I still giggle about it remembering how this joke make us laugh on that night.

Punch line has the frog finishing up is description of his night in the toilet by saying…. “ and someone had the nerve to drop a LOG on my head!”
I’ll be eager to see if Laurel or my sister remembers THIS.

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