Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Married to a car lover

9-9-09 more motor brain
Labor Day Weekend: Sunday early afternoon
You guessed it.... since it is a Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day or course there is yet another car show- and we must go!

This was the KC British Car Club Show and since we belong to the Iowa British Car Club it was our duty to check this out. Plus we knew there would be a few Iowa car friends showing there.

Yes, Dave and Ladonna (above picture) had made the trip with one of their classic Mini’s. Dave and Ladonna are a fascinating couple. She from the U.S. and leans towards the serious side of life, and Davey is from England and a charming funny guy. (perhaps a good example of "Ayurveda" Three Doshas in balance) Davey actually has a car shop in Des Moines that works on British cars and he does our Mini Cooper oil changes now that we are out of warranty.

I sing a song in my head to the tune of Lady Madonna….

Dave and Ladonna own a Mini Moke, Davey’s always telling everyone silly jokes”….

What else can I do…. Me and my shadow standing around looking at cars with Greg on a beautify day in September.

The picture of the Triumph sport cars are for my Dad. He owned two back in the day before my sister and I could drive.

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