Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pumpkin time?

9-16-09 nature brain
This last weekend I thought it was time to put the unproductive volunteer pumpkin to rest. Once it hit the 2nd floor window I knew it was time. I figured Greg wouldn't want it climbing on the house.

Well, after he saw it, he thought it was pretty interesting garden "project" to observe a bit longer. The fine tentacles that this plant sends out are fascinating.... especially after they start to twist and anchor the plant as it grows.

Next year, I hope to purposely start a pumpkin, and this time plant it in the sun, so maybe it will produce a surprise pumpkin like I had in 2002.


  1. Hey let's call this Greg and the pumpkin stalk.

    I took my garden down, but got 3 pumpkins out of it.