Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cook-off at Aggie Acres

9-10-09 tantalizing taste bud brain
Labor Day weekend: Sunday late afternoon

After the car show, Greg and I headed out to Aggie Acres to attend the 10th Anniversary Cook-off. This was our first time attending one of Molly and Jeff’s Labor Day parties. Guess we just never where in town before.

The competition was for the best “meat dish” which were cooked on the grills, and also a division for best side dish and best dessert. Trophy mugs were awarded.

Teriyaki Turkey won out of the 16 meat dishes entered; Aggie’s Sweet Potatoes won best side dish (Aggie is Jeff’s Mom), and Bev’s Mom’s Texas chocolate sheet cake won best dessert.

I was just happy that my Peach Cobbler got at least 4 votes out of the 15+ desserts to choose from.

Peeps my peacock friend was there demanding a lot of attention from anyone who would give him the time of day.

I also enjoyed the wagon ride out into the field for the chance to feed some of the animals: Buffalo, cows, horses, sheep, goats, lama, donkeys to name a few.

This was another fun, relaxing visit to Aggie Acres with an abundance of GOOD FOOD.
At least 100 people were in attendance. I lost count, it was hard to keep track of all the kids.... (kids of all ages, young and old!)

I don't know why..... but I just love that Peeps!


  1. The homeyness of this event is obvious and wonderful. It feels timeless. Cool about the votes on your dessert, I bet it was delicious.

    Peeps is awesome, and what a FANTASTIC photo of him!!!! I love it, with the picnickers in the background.

  2. Egg-celent writeup. I would of voted for your peach cobbler (that is if I had 2 votes) hehe.

  3. Great Post, so glad I was there!