Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laurel come home!

9-15-09 yearning brain
I clearly remember as a child the first time a prayer of mine was answered. This was a serious prayer, a heartfelt prayer, and prayer of desperation.

Our family cat Tippy had been with us for about 4 to 5 years. Tippy was a great mother cat and each year she gave us a new liter of kittens twice per year. Somehow my parents managed to find homes for all these kittens, but they got to the point when they were tired of this cycle.

As a child of age 9 or 10, I was given the explanation that Tippy would be taking her current liter of kittens to live on a farm to help keep the mice population under control. It would be a wonderful place for her to live.

At that age, I didn’t know I could say no….. Back in my day, our parents made the rules and we followed them. I remember the day someone came and put Tippy and her kittens in a box placing them in their car trunk and drove off to “the farm”.

I remember starting to miss Tippy and feeling an intense longing for her. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know that asking my parents to get Tippy back might be an option. Instead, I did what I had learned in church. I started to pray every night that God would bring Tippy back.

As I said, these were heartfelt, desperate prayers like I had never prayed before. I did feel somewhat comforted by doing this every night….. for how long I have no idea. As a child, I really wasn’t acutely aware of time.

But one morning it did happen. Tippy was there at the back door wanting to come home. Everyone was surprised and I was so delighted. We were then allowed to keep Tippy, and she was happily neutered and lived a good long life.

I relate this LONG story for one reason only. It’s because I’m having those same intense feelings and longing for Laurel, ever since I received a few emails from her last week.
Laurel and Lynn were sisters and lived in our neighborhood down the street and they were mine and my sister’s childhood friends. I haven’t seen Laurel since Lynn’s funeral about 10 years ago. Laurel lives in Colorado. Lynn died of breast cancer in her early 40’s after fighting it half her life.

I just wanted to tell Laurel …. Come home! I’m longing for a chance to hug you, share stories with you and laugh! We will always be like family!

I believe Love brought Tippy home to me, now I'm hoping the same with Laurel!

A neighborhood reunion is long over due.

(Picture: Laurel on left; Lynn on right)


  1. Maybe a trip to Colorado is in store for you? Perhaps she is longing for you to come to her!

  2. OH Great idea Renee! I've never been to Colorado... Greg and I do need to plan a road trip there in 2010!

  3. I agree w/ renee. Road trip to Colorado and by the train.

    Hope your trip in IA City went great or going great.

  4. Okay, Judy, this time I should be able to make the post actually publish as I joined google etc.

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog about ME! I was so surprised...great memories and nice mention of my sister Lynn. It doesn't seem that many years ago that we were all playing together just about every day.

    I was especially excited to see the photo of Tipper! I remember her so well. I didn't remember the part about her going to the farm for awhile, but it's a great story of how she found her way back to you. We got one of Tipper's kittens and named her Mittens. Do you remember that? She was from the litter that Tipper had in your mother's underwear drawer! We used to come down every day to visit her until she was old enough for us to take home. That was a truly exciting day.

    Anyway, you're a great friend and it's so kind of you to want me to come back to the old neighborhood for a visit. I would love to do that. I'll keep you posted about my next trip to Iowa (which aren't frequent now that I don't have any family back there) Please say hello to Jan from me and your parents, of course.

    Thanks, Judy! Love, Laurel