Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time to hit pause

9-22-09 pooped out brain
It had to happen at some point, the shift into autumn. Yesterday this happened dramatically for me. After 25 days of no rain and beautiful sunny weather, Mother Nature turned upside down. We had cool temperatures, dark skies, and rain, which also continues today.

This change did a number on my sinus and ears. I’m plugged up and dizzy. I’m somewhat better today, but it looks like my busy schedule, which was in overdrive, has come to streaking halt- Time to get realigned with the slower autumn pace.

No energy to blog much today. It appears I need to take a break.

I'm hitting the pause button.

The fields in Iowa are changing their color too. Soybeans with mixture of green, yellow and gold! Sorry not a great picture. Was taken out the car window on my drive back from Iowa City last week.

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  1. Pause away sister and enjoy dancing w/ the stars.