Monday, September 28, 2009

Remembering.....back to the garden

9-28-09 John Muir's brain
Another busy weekend: art show, craft show, parade, Sunday drive with Miata car group for lunch and visit to winery…. Much to blog about, but no desire to at this point.

Instead Sunday evening I got engrossed by the new PBS series by Ken Burns, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”.

This is just what I needed!
After my extremely busy summer of activities, I was feeling restless and hollow as the season begins the shift into autumn. I didn’t understand the feelings I have been experiencing over the last month, except to think that I’ve just worn myself out with too much “doing”, too much distractions, too much fun, and not enough true relaxation.

As I started to watch the National Parks show, I was surprise to find the tightness in my body melt away and the restlessness in my mind begin to be replaced by peace. With this shift, I then realized that it had been months since I had spent much time with my good friend, “nature”. I had sorely missed the stabilizing and healing benefits from time spend sitting quietly in the great outdoors.

I had only once sat and watched the sun rise from my deck. I have spent very little time in the backyard hammock enjoying my small slice of nature and I don’t even remember Greg and I even once driving up to the lake to watch the sunset this summer.

Ken Burns’ National Parks show did stir up wonderful memories of time spend outdoors from simple times watching a meteor shower in late summer sky, or a quiet evening on the back patio watching the hummingbirds…. As well as the handful of special trips to such places as the Grand Canyon, Mammoth Cave, the Great Smoky Mountains and walking on the Appalachia trail.

I believe I have spent too much time in the car this summer and not enough time in nature. Luckily there is still enough time to correct this in the next month or two before I’ll be held up in front of the fireplace over the winter months.


  1. Great post and so true! Even after 5 days in my car last week, I was ready for some 'porch' time. Once the first freeze kills some bugs, I'll be out there until the snow flies. Respite care involves everyone, even if your ocean is a sea of cornfields.

  2. I did watch a little bit of the show. I would be interested in getting the DVD. One plus with your living view in the back of the house, you get to see a lot of nature. And w/ my $100k view, I force myself to take in the view.

    See you soon.