Monday, September 21, 2009

Life is good in Beaverdale

9-21-09 happy brain
Big weekend in Beaverdale with Fall Festival and parade. Those pictures are on Greg's camera, so will have to post later.

Sunday night was the season closing for our neighborhood ice cream shop, "Snookies"..... Steve our neighbor entertained the crowd on his piano with friend Cheryl on accordion.

Neighbor boy "Mr. Z" had eye's bigger than his stomach!

Life in Beaverdale is as sweet as a hot fudge Sunday! Enjoy the video.


  1. I saw the piece about Snookies on the news last night and wondered if you were there! I wish we had a Snookies!

  2. Carolyn is a STAR. Summer is now offically over.

    Honestly, how could you leave BVdale?