Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where did September go?

9-30-09 anniversary brain
Last week I was worn out and had to “hit pause”……. This week I had to hit "Ctrl/Alt/Delete" and reboot for 48 hours. And I’m not sure what hit me. Monday morning was very productive and I felt great, then Monday after lunch, my lunch of leftover Indian Shahi Paneer sent me to kneeing in front of the toilet.

I couldn’t begin to eat again until 28 hours later. Even now I’m sipping Gatorade and only eating liquidity oatmeal for breakfast. Enough said.

It's the end of September and a special 20th Wedding Anniversary of friends Kelley and Mike! Their daughter Elizabeth was born exactly a year later. Wow, 20 years.... where did the time go?

If I had more energy I'd post their picture... I know Ann would enjoy seeing that. Maybe later today.