Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art, Cats and Cars

6-8-10 resting brain
Art.... Cats.... and Cars.... could we have a more perfect Sunday?

Well, I suppose... since we didn't make it to church on Sunday, it didn't quite seem like a REAL Sunday, but it was full of the things Greg and I love. Since we both were moving slowly and still recuperating from Saturday's project day, we did sleep in a bit.

Then first off was the Prairie Village Art Show late morning. Going to art shows have begun to be a weird experience for me. I love going to see the all the different art and all the creative ideas.... it is very inspiring.... but at the same time I have a weird feeling about the whole selling and marketing of art.

I'm currently taking an online Art Business Class, which warned that an artist will spend about 25% of their time making art, and 75% of their time marketing their art. Hummmmmm.... art as "work" doesn't sound like what I had in mind.... but we'll see.

After lunch at our usual favorite weekend place (yes Molly, we went there yet again!).... we headed down south of KC to Belton, small town which was having a car show. We had been there before, so for this reason, I was familiar with the quaint main street area, and the Pet Shelter building on the corner. Since it was open and through the window I saw cats walking around, Greg and I went inside. We found cats eager for our attention and so we actually spent sometime there petting and playing with them.... but we left empty handed.

We left just in time to hear the car show winners being announced and took some time to look at the cars.

PS: There is nothing stopping us from visiting Belton again, and this time returning with a new "missy" cat????????? It could happen!


  1. Ohhh, those kitties are just crying out to be brought home with you! There's a cat shelter in the shopping center where I shop at Jo-Ann's Fabrics and so far I've managed to stay out of it. I know if I go inside, it will be all over but the meowing. I think four cats is enough for one house!

  2. Here kitty, kitty, kitty!!!!

    AND NO, not First Watch again!

  3. So close to getting a cat.... just not the right time yet. I'll just have to enjoy Susan's cat pictures instead.

    Yes, First Watch... but you'll be happy to know Molly that I did go to Zest for lunch with Teresa and Chelsea. Some place NEW! and it was good.