Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shoal Creek Living History Museum

6-9-10 rural brain

A few more pictures from Shoal Creek. It looks like a fun place to visit sometime to tour the other parts we didn't get to see on Saturday.

A picture of the barn close to the house we painted. I was told this was moved to this location about 35 years ago, now is in need of repair. They want to save it if they can.

I took this picture for my Mom, since she is a barn lover and belongs to a group in Iowa which is trying to save barns.


  1. That barn is amazing! So huge, its footprint. My mother-in-law loves barns too, and I keep meaning to make her a calendar of 12 barn photos. But I have to get out and photograph a few more. I better get at it.

  2. My mom made a nice calendar with some of her barn photos.... Ruth your calendar would be amazing with all the wonderful pictures you take! I'd probably want to buy one of those!