Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready for summer fun

6-11-10 shopping brain
My friend Renee will like this picture. She is the one who turned me onto the women's clothing store J.Jill in the first place. I'm not a huge shopper, but over the past several years, I've had my best luck finding clothes that fit me at J.Jill.

Wednesday evening after work, I met Molly at J.Jill and began my search for some comfortable summer dresses. Molly acts as my personal shopper. If she gives me the thumbs up, then I know what I buy will be acceptable.

I found three dresses and a scarf, total was less than $300 dollars. I actually found more, but I did limited myself, since I try my best to stay on budget. I purchased a black, zinnia-orange, and slate-blue dress, three different styles.

I will be debuting one of these dresses on Saturday at my friend Ann's party. I'm ready for any occasion now this summer. Wedding Shower, 4th of July dinner, Girls Weekend in KC..... just to name a few.


  1. Hi Judy - I love your dresses. They look so comfortable. You got them all at J. Jill? I'll have to take a look - I bet you look fabulous!! Don't forget to show them off! Kelley

  2. They are very comfortable Kelly, but not as cute as the two of your's that I have seen you wear.... or maybe it's just my mid-aged body under them that is a bit lumpy (in all the right spots though- according to Greg!)

  3. All great dresses. I saw in the catalogue they also showed one of the models wearing a white t-shit under the black one and it was very cute also.

  4. don't you love finding new clothes you love! have fun wearing them out! :)

  5. Hi Kerri! I recognize you from Kelly Rae online class! Welcome!

    I visited your website and glad to find you singing one of my favorite songs!