Thursday, June 3, 2010

My cleaning progress

6-3-10 cleaning brain

So I am making progress at cleaning... the guest room is shaping up. But as I clean, I ask myself...."what do I do with all this stuff I have accumulated over the years"?

Take this music box, given to me by my first high school boyfriend Bruce.... the music is "Love Story".... (side note: sad to hear about the Al and Tipper Gore)...

As I looked inside, the top drawn has miscellaneous stuff, much from the 70's. That's a Vietnam MIA bracelet my sister had.

Drawer two had shells I collected on our honeymoon, and a few necklaces.

The turquoise necklace is one my Grandparent's John and Juanita gave me when they lived in Arizona back in the mid 60's. I think I will polish this up and wear it! The other is a Rainbow Girl necklace.

The guest room will be re-painted at some point this summer, turns out our homeowners insurance will pay for the ice-dam damage which caused some paint damage in a few rooms. We are in the process of getting estimates for all this work. There was paint damage in one corner of this room.

NOTE: I still have yet to clean out the dresser drawers... which are backed full of stuff!


  1. This picture shows me that a new bedspread is needed also, maybe as a reward for when I actually get all the drawers cleaned. I think I will go with a solid green color wall paint this time. I was experimenting with two tone colored walls and never really liked it much.... and of course my artwork needs to be arranged better... one thing leads to another!

  2. It's the domino effect of do one thing and it makes something else look shabby, and on and on, until before you know it, you've done your whole house. That's why I'm not even gonna start it! ;-}