Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer "firsts"

6-2-10 amazed brain
Memorial Weekend, the unofficial start of summer.....Sunday evening Greg and I returned home to Des Moines after our few days up north visiting my parents.

It was a lovely evening and Greg suggested we sit out on the back patio and sip some "sweet wine"... total shock I know.... Greg and I aren't big drinkers, but I think he enjoyed it last weekend so much with Ann and Roy, he wanted to try it again.

We didn't have any of the Peach wine left, so we chose "Blue Moon" wine since this comes from Oregon and my cousins had introduced us to this wine a few years ago. Plus I like the blue colored bottle!

We were surprised to observe our FIRST firefly of the season May 30th. Greg also swatted at the FIRST mosquito.... but none bothered me.

Then the next day, May 31st, I was surprised when I observed my FIRST lily blooms of the season!

And we shared the hammock for the FIRST time of the summer season!

After the winter we had here in Iowa, enjoying summer to the fullest will be my goal! Although I didn't let myself relax too much on Monday, instead I worked on cleaning the guest room. Now I'm ready for summer company!

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  1. Oh, well, if you're ready for company, then I'll start packing my bag! haha

    I love all those summer "firsts"! Thanks for reminding me.