Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kelley's Birthday

6-1-10 celebrating brain

This year I have several friends who turn 50. I keep telling them that turning 50 is a wonderful thing.... at least it was for me.

Today is Kelley's 50th birthday.
Last week we met for lunch in Beaverdale since I wanted some one on one time with her. Kelley loves to garden, so I gave her this cool gardening basket.

OK, I'll admit... the most frustrating thing about being 50 is keeping track of your reading glasses.

Today, I will meet for the official Birthday Celebration Lunch with Kelley and a few other friends. When you turn 50, you deserve several days of doing special things for yourself.


  1. Oh Judy, Kelley had her bag with her this weekend when she came to visit. I just love it! Hint, hint, my birthday is September 11th.

  2. I found it at the "Wild Bird Store".... (or something like that) in Kansas City. So many uses for this cute basket!

  3. Thanks for celebrating my "big day" Judy!! What a pleasure! And I DO LOVE my basket! Kelley