Monday, June 14, 2010

Twins again

6-14-10 happy flag day brain
My sister Jan posted a surprise on Facebook this weekend. This is quite an accomplishment for her, since she was never good about keeping secrets.

She bought a new car- a Mini Cooper! Here she is with Sarah.

I knew she was shopping for one, but didn’t know it would be identical to mine (accept for the interior)…. But I’m OK with that.. Although she is a year older than I, Jan and I always were raised a bit like twins.

Here we are with some neighbor kids (Danny, Andrea, and Bobby)... bet you can still pick out Jan and I in the photo.

When Jan visits Iowa over the 4th of July, we might have to see if we can take a picture with my Mini, Greg’s Mini and Jan’s Mini all together.


  1. I bought this car from a new dealship in Knoxville that has just opened last week and this car was of the only automatics in stock. According to the salesmanager Mini's are not making automatics in the next 6 months so decided to grap this one now. Plus I have always admired your green color! We may be twins but always remember Iam the oldest. hehehe

  2. I love this Jan will be in mini heaven for a while. Will Judy get the bug for new mini? You may be like twins, but I say more like Jan and Marsha. :-)

  3. Jan is Jan... but I am Marsha and Cindy rolled up together.