Monday, June 28, 2010

Trial and error

6-28-10 more weekend reminiscing brain
Saturday, after 9:00 AM breakfast with neighbor friend Sue, over at "Chefs", I had some time to spend creating. I think I caught the passion for pixel type art from my KC neighbor Wil Lala, and I started experimenting.

So I cut up some paper into pieces and starting embracing the joy of art play. Of course, this leads to one thing for me….a MESS throughout the house, from the sunroom. to the art room, to my office. Greg says my middle name is not "Marie".... but instead "Messmaker"

My friend Kelley will be happy to hear that I experimented “in threes”, using the same color pallet.

This picture is a bit out of focus... but you get the idea... these are 8 x 8 inch size without the frame.

I even experimented making prints, since you know I have a hard time parting with my creations. I believe I will frame these three together in one frame.

Before I knew it, I was almost 7:00PM and hadn’t eaten dinner. Luckily I had left-over’s from lunch out earlier with my two co-worker friends and fellow bloggers Lori and Renee, who came to town for the Art Festival. We had an enjoyable few hours together.

So all in all it was a fun, busy, and productive day, even without Greg being home this weekend. What could keep Greg and me apart? A car show on his end, and the art show and wedding shower on my end. Not to worry, we will be spending a lot of time together in July.

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