Saturday, June 26, 2010

June weather

6-26-10 weekend brain
Only a few days left in June, a month which has been stormy and wet.
This picture from last Tuesday night sums it up well. Some parts of Iowa had tornadoes and received 5 inches of rain.

Des Moines was lucky to only have ½ inch that time around.
Here is graphic of rain totals that night.

I am happy to report we had Wed, Thurs and Friday without rain, and the temperatures were a bit cooler with less humidity on Thursday... a perfect day to mow the lawn. Friday evening I, along with Ann and Sue, helped at the Des Moines Art Festival.

HOWEVER, when I arrived home, I saw on the 10:00 news that there were more storms in northern Iowa again. These were moving south and arrived in Des Moines at 12:45 AM Saturday, and again at 4:00 AM. With this storm we received 1.75 inches of rain.

Gee, this is feeling similar to winter, in the fact that we watch storm after storm come through. At least I don't have to shove the rain.


  1. I was at the Festival on Friday as well Judy. I wish we would have run into you! It was fun. Lots of cool things. Although you should have had a booth as well! Kelley

  2. I still am in the creating mode, not the selling mode yet!

  3. That would be carrots and zucchini at the Arts Festival. We had a lot of fun.

  4. Ann like to name us after vegetables... I still don't know why.... terms of endearment I guess.