Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's sadness and joy

6-10-10 sad brain
I'm writing a letter...and it goes like this....

Dear Mr. Brown Pelican,
I do see you even though my eyes are covered and I'm hiding behind the chair. I am praying for you, and sending my love. Sincerely, Judy age 6

I am using my blog this year to record activities in my life and also to record events of 2010 for “history” sake, but I’ve been avoiding a big news topic these past weeks…. I just haven’t had the heart to watch or to let myself feel the pain from it all. I have been out of touch so much so, that I didn’t even get the reference my co-worker made yesterday…. She was joking about Obama.

The news story I have been avoiding is the Gulf Oil Spill.
Words used to describe this have been: epic, heartbreaking, tragic, devastating, worst in US history.

I personally cannot bring myself to look at pictures of the dead oily birds and fish. My soul does not handle animal suffering well. As a little girl I had to hide behind the chair as my sister and I watched Sunday night TV. I couldn’t face Lassie being in trouble, or some of the animals, in the Wild Kingdom show, being rescued from harm’s way, or animals preying on other animals.

So there you go….. I’ve recorded this tragedy and sadness in my blog. Daily millions of gallons of OIL are still spilling out into the Gulf of Mexico.... for over a month now since the accident. Funny though... how gas prices have NOT gone up, like normally they would. I think the BP oil company knows we are ready to kick some A$$!

Anyway, I feel helpless. But, during troubled times I still need to remember the JOY that is surrounding me in so many ways.

A recent small art piece of mine.

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  1. yuck, i know, it is sad. and it's getting sadder everyday. thank you so much for ending your post with such lovely joy!! :)