Monday, June 21, 2010

The calm before the storm

6-21-10 summertime brain
When Greg arrived home to Des Moines on Friday evening, he found me in the neighbor’s basement, drinking a Margarita and watching the local weather guy warn of a possible rotation in the clouds just south of Des Moines…. Well actually the tornado sighting was an hour earlier, but we just had not come up from the basement yet.

Friday evening there was to be a neighborhood "Jimmy Buffett" party to celebrate the start of summer, but darn, we got rained out… but a few of us did convene indoors anyway, and we had fun. Later after it stopped raining, we did sit a spell on Carolyn and Steve’s back deck and enjoyed the 9:00 sunset.

I love the look on Steve's face in this photo. He is thinking..."crazy gals"...

This time of year, with the long daylight hours, I usually have a high energy peak. And it’s true, I have been running on maximum speed for the last two months. Now, I felt like I was burnt out a bit, so I told Greg that I wanted THIS weekend to just be a relaxing one. No cleaning, no projects, just as much laziness as possible. Greg needed a weekend like this too, since he had worked on a large stressful project at work last week.

So this weekend was the calm before the storm…. Next weekend is a busy one for both of us, and July will be full of activity as well. Some will be fun vacation activities, and for me part of vacation will also include a basement cleaning project (I hope), and also we may be in chaos here with repair work being done on the house, due to some ice dam/water damage in a few rooms. $$ will be spent, but it has to be done sooner, rather than later.


  1. That's the only bad thing about living out in the country...we have no social life. The last place we lived was like yours. We would have impromtu get-togethers that were so much fun. Waah! I miss it!

  2. Country living has it own rewards. For me the grass always looks greener on the other side.

  3. All my weekends are lazy. I am blaming it on age.

  4. I use to be Lazy... for some reason I got more energy when I turned 50.... now I can't seem to slow myself down!