Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Karaoke anyone?

6-15-10 silly brain
Saturday late afternoon I drove back to Des Moines to attend a party. Ann was hosting another Drake University MPA travel program alumni party. Since Greg didn’t come back to town for this party, even though he is the Drake graduate and I only the wife of the alumni, I took neighbor friend Sue with me, since she knows Ann also.

For Sue and I, we were going mostly for the karaoke part of the party. So we arrived "fashionably" late at 8:00PM, and by 8:30 the music was started. See Molly my new dress was cute!

I can’t believe Ann, Sue and I sang and danced almost non-stop until 12:30PM.
I felt bad for Ann’s neighbors, so I decided it was time to leave… before someone called the police to complain about the music…. i.e.... the “noise”... i.e... US singing BADLY!….

I made and brought my own guitar, since I knew I would be playing back up more than lead soloist.

We had great fun. I was alcohol free, being the designated driver… and since I don’t need to be drunk to act silly… it comes naturally. I'm glad it's not against the law for 50+ year-olds to have fun. Ann, Sue, and I out sang and danced most of the 20 year olds.


  1. Peas aka "Judy", this is why I love you! Carrots had the most fun singing and dancing w/you, Sue and the rest of the drakesmart group.

    Officially, this is my 5th year hosting the after trip party w/ travel buddy Carole (she was out of town). The party celebrates current and past trips, w/ 50% of the guest from the current year and 50% from past years. We had a great turnout and took the opportunity to roast C. Ken Meyer. And why not sing and dance a little in the garage...garages are not for cars and man junk ony ya know.

    Rest up cause there will be a repeat in the fall!

    Love you, Carrots aka Ann

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time, and the dress was perfect for a rocker babe.

  3. I wish I were brave enough to sing karaoke! Of course it's a little easier when it's not in front of a bar full of stranger critics. You look very cute in your creamsicle dress!