Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures from Dad

6-29-10 reminiscing brain
Dad must be continuing going through some old pictures. He sends me some regularly. Here is an interesting one of him with his sport car… I think it was a 1968 Triumph spitfire.

I also am guessing this picture is after 1968, and could be 1969, since the tree in the top left corner has tornado damage. Our tornado was May 1968. Our house was on the fringe and had only one broken window.

I was too young to drive this car, and funny how it happened that when my sister and I were old enough to drive, Dad got rid of the car. I learned to drive in a 1965 Dodge Dart.

Here is an old picture of me, around 1974.

Here is a current picture of Mom and Dad’s crazy cat, who is a year old now, but still has a lot of “kitten” in him. Here Trey is on the shelf which is about 5 feet off the ground in the screened in porch out back….Dad says this is his new favorite place to hang out. Dad knows I enjoy seeing pictures of cats, since Greg and I have been cat-less for 18 months now.

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  1. you are so lucky he's sending you those great old photos! :)