Monday, June 8, 2009

The Art of a fun weekend

6-8-09 re-creation brain
Friday night was our first street party of the summer. We call it Beaveritaville, since we live in the neighborhood of “Beaverdale” and this is our Jimmy Buffet type Margarita Party. Many people were willing to dress the part and have their pictures taken. The party this year was held in the backyard deck of one of our newest neighbors, Deb, who has proven herself to be a supreme hostess! Of course we all pitched in, but Deb went that extra mile. I can’t believe I managed to stay awake until 11:30 PM, that’s when the last 6 of us decided it was well past our bedtimes.

So I was in bed about midnight, and awake at 5:00AM to hear the start of the rain that was predicted. I was please with this, since it meant I could roll over and sleep for several more hours….. there was nothing urgent to do Saturday morning.

Finally late Saturday morning, the rain had stopped, and Greg and I got ourselves together to attend the British Car Club auto show. For the past 5 years it has been held in Beaverdale, but this year someone new had organized it out in West Des Moines in the new shopping area “West Glen”, by the new Jordan Creek Mall. We hung out for about 3 hours there with our Mini Cooper friends. We discovered the most wonderful Mediterranean Restaurant named “Adonis”. Mmmmmm…. It was so good! I had the best pita wrap and salad.

After doing a few errands late Saturday afternoon, which included shoe shopping at DSW, we decided we were too worn out to attend another potluck party with people we knew from the Drake University MPA program, so we just walked over to the local Mexican restaurant close to our house for dinner. Then we remembered that the Greek Festival was this weekend, so we found enough energy to get on our bikes to ride a mile or so to that event in hopes of getting some baklava dessert. Sad to say they had run out of this, so we were forced to bike a bit farther to find some ice cream at a local Italian shop, Marino’s.

So Saturday night I was in bed reading by 9:30, after soaking my tired muscles in a warm bath, and there I stayed until 12 hours later. We ignored the alarm clock and did not make church today….. but I did enjoy a leisurely Sabbath. I didn’t even try to accomplish anything until Sunday evening when I did force myself to pick up the house, do a few loads of laundry and blog. Now that was a fun weekend!

PS: Friday night I had two co-workers, Renee and Lori walking in the “Relay for Life”, the cancer all night walk held in Iowa Falls. I was thinking I should have been with them, but to show my support, while I was drinking a margarita, I was wearing my PINK breast cancer wrist band! (Maybe next year I’ll join them!?)


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend... and yes, you should join us next year!

  2. join us and bring the margaritas :)

  3. Wow girl, you guys did have a great time. I like the pictures. Did Jimmy Buffett or his dad, Warren show up?

  4. Ann- Sad to say, Warren was a no-show.