Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bathroom view

6-18-09 observing brain
I love to look out the windows of my upstairs bathroom in the DM house; There are four- one west, two north, and one east. From my toilet seat I love looking west at the neighbors serviceberry tree. This tree has beautiful flowers in the spring, then red berries the birds love, then beautiful autumn leaves.

Greg and I liked this tree so much, we added one to our yard in the front curb garden. Our serviceberry currently is more bush like than tree like, but it is growing nicely.

While in KC, I'm wondering if I'm missing all the fun out the bathroom window. When I left town the berries were just staring to turn red and soon the birds will to doing acrobatics as they maneuver to eat the berries. I believe the birds get a bit "drunk" as the berries ripen. At least they act that way!


  1. Only you Judy. Getting a kick out of birds and ba berry tree. I'll have to look at it sometime.

  2. I know! I'm easily entertained!