Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nature Art part 1

6-2-08 creative brain
I was introduced to an artist about 8 years ago, by my friend Steve who lives in Alaska. Steve and I grew up in same neighborhood and attended school, K-12 grades, together in northern Iowa. Steve has been a teacher in Alaska for 20+ years, and he was visiting Iowa for the summer. He invited Greg and I to attend an evening lecture by Andrew Goldsworthy held at Drake University, only a few miles from our house. Goldsworthy actually had been in Des Moines several months creating an outdoors “sculpture” at the DM Art Center which is similar to this one.

I was so fascinated by Goldsworthy’s lecture and the slides of his work, that I became an instant fan. To summarize, I’d describe Goldsworthy as an artist who works with nature and natural materials to create temporary art. The idea of temporary art becomes more and more appealing to me as my house gets filled with too much stuff.

Goldsworthy was the subject of a documentary film back around 2001 called "Rivers and Tides". It’s breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Here is a YouTube clip from that movie to give you a flavor of his work.

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