Monday, June 15, 2009

My friend Violet

6-15-09 traveling brain

Well it’s about that time of the month again…… NO not THAT! I’m happy to say I’m DONE with that!.....
I mean it’s time for me to head south to KC and spend a week with Greg. Pack up my laptop, my work, a few clothes and my traveling buddy- "Violet"!

Violet has to make the trip with me, since Violet needs watered more that once while I’m gone, while my other house plants can survive.
I’m not sure why I ended up with so many house plants, but I have at least a dozen. I think I got my first plant, a philodendron while in college. I read that house plants were helpful at improving air quality and I was sensitive to the environment even back then.

Violet was given to me about 3 years ago by some work associates, Carol and Beth, who I was helping up at the hospital in Ames, Iowa. I'm surprised I've managed to keep Violet alive, but she is happy to sit on my east kitchen window and in KC, Violet sits in the front living room large picture window. I have not done anything special for her, except keep her watered and loved.

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