Friday, June 12, 2009

Book Review

6-12-09 reading brain
Over the Memorial Day weekend trip back to my hometown, my mother wanted to take time to show my sister and I important things in her closet that we would need to deal with (if anything were to happen to her). Mom showed us materials she was keeping as acting historian for 3 different organizations and showed us old family books. There was nothing too earth shaking.

I did notice some other books on the floor and questioned her about them. She said these were books she has read by one of her favorite authors, Jodi Picoult. I had never heard of this author, so I asked my mother if she could recommend one. Mom said they were ALL good and just handed me the book off the top of the pile. She gave one to my sister too. The book she gave me must have been the last book she had read, since the copy write was 2009, called “Handle with Care”.

I took the book home with me and have spent the last 3 weeks reading it…. a few chapters at a time just before bedtime, my favorite routine. This book is definitely very readable and was written in a very interesting way where each chapter was written from a different character’s view point. I’ve found this book to be very timely with current events: the killing of the abortion doctor, Dr. George Tiller.

Although no abortion takes place in this book, one character was adopted and looking for her birth mother and another character in the story was a disabled child. If you are a mother, I believe you will find this book thought-provoking. I would recommend it for your summer reading list! I for one, can't wait to borrow another Jodi Picoult book from my mother on my next trip home!

There is a review from Washington Post.

PS: In regards to real life news: the murder of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas, I’d say- “until your become a parent faced with the decision to keep or terminate a deformed fetus who's future will lead to a profoundly disabled child; you can not make a judgment on the medical services Dr. George Tiller provided for his patients.” (quote from me in my Letter to the Editor in DM newspaper this week.

Coincidentally, this week NPR had a eye OPENING show on abortion. Can an abortion ever be called a blessing? Listen and judge for yourself…. But don’t judge for someone else.

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  1. Hi judy
    thanks for being a follower of mine. I have to tell you I just finished reading My sister's keeper by the same author and oh my gosh. I cried on the airplane. So if you like Jodi P. read that one too. It is wonderful.