Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend update part II

6-30-09 leaving June behind brain-
Continuing from yesterday’s blog…..
Other picture from my garden…..Saturday afternoon, being worn out from gardening and biking, I waited for Greg to drive in from KC. I was a vegetable in front of the TV watching videos of Michael Jackson on VH1. I even took a nap. That evening I too was still tired, so went to bed early and after a good 9 hours of sleep I was ready to finish my gardening project. I was making a big push, since we will be out of town on vacation in July.

Plus, all I wanted to do on Sunday was be outside. The weather was perfect, gorgeous, delightful !…. No humidity, a wonderful breeze, with temperatures only in the upper 70’s to low 80’s. I worked some in the morning, then took a break mid day, enjoyed some hammock time, then finished the front garden in the evening, in between visiting with neighbors as they walked by…. Many enjoying an evening stroll, taking advantage of the first cooler day in over a week.

I did take time to go over to Kelley’s garden to see her new garden art.

The fences were painted by Kelley's friends who are starting a creative art business, called "Jody and Cate Create"... If you are in the Iowa area and are interested in some Art project that you don't have the time or energy to do..... I can get their contact information for you.

PS: my automated posting of scheduled blogs is not working correctly, thus when I am on vacation things might not show on schedule until I find a computer and manually post. Oh well.......it's summer and we all need to be a bit more laid back in July.


  1. Love the art fence. I am trying to be more whimsical in my gardens.

  2. Ditto, Kelly did a great job.