Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shoe Art

6-9-09 unpredictable brain
So on Saturday I had mentioned some shoe shopping….. Greg and I both like DSW, "Designer Shoe Warehouse". We first were introduced to DSW by our friend Molly in Kansas City at least 15 years ago. There was one of these stores close to the apartment she was living in at that time. I wasn’t much of a shoe person back then. I was happy to have a blue, black and cream pair for work and maybe some tennis shoes and one pair of sandals. Well, needless to say, Greg has been a bad influence on me. I now have too many shoes. But this weekend I was looking for something to wear with my basic black evening dress which I have planned to wear to a wedding this summer. I don’t dress up much, so I don’t really own a fancy pair of shoes.

I remember the lessons given on the TV show “What Not to Wear”….. that you can wear fun shoes that “pop” to give that extra pizazz. I figured if I was wearing a black dress I did need some pizazz. I first looked at some red shoes, then lime green…. I ended up finding these on the sale rack…. They are Liz Claiborne’s. I had to laugh at myself. These aren’t usually something I would wear…. These shoes remind me of something my hair designer friend LuAnn worn back in the 1980’s. We were an “odd couple” together: I wore the preppy look back then and she dressed more 80’s Madonna like.

I bet LuAnn will get a kick out of these shoes! She is now the more conservative one (I think)... and I am trying to be more bold. I tell you…. Turning 50 does something to you!


  1. For some reason, these are definitely YOU!

  2. Who says art has to hang on a wall? Love it!

  3. I love them, they would really look good with jeans, you have prompted me to head to DSW soon