Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr. Jade

6-16-09 horticulture brain

I miscounted; I have at least 20 house plants. I forgot I have moved some outdoors for the summer and a few are now in KC. One of my favorite and oldest of my plants is my Jade plant. I can’t even remember when or where I got this, but it was small, only 6 inches high. I believe it was in the mid 80’s when I moved into my own apartment. This might have even been a “house warming” gift. I’ve re-potted it several times, but I think it’s so heavy now, this is his permanent home.

Mr. Jade gets to spend summers outdoors, since this is the thing that really makes him healthy and strong. Then he suffers a bit in doors, over the dark winter months. A few days ago I decided that Mr. Jade was doing to have some babies…. It was time for a trim.

If anyone in DM or KC wants a baby Jade, I’d be happy to share. Lord knows I don’t need any more plants.


  1. I'd love a baby Jade plant

  2. You and your plants, can't keep a house plant alive in the winter. If a Jade plant does not need a lot of watering, sign me up.