Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature Art part 2

6-3-09 inspired brain
So a few weeks ago as I was sweeping up some whirly-bird Maple seeds and found myself thinking about Andrew Goldsworthy (from yesterday's post). Here I had an ample supply of natural material, what would Goldsworthy do with this?

I thought in order to do anything, I'd need a glue gun.... but that probably would break the "natural material" rules for this form of art. After a day or two of looking at the swept up pile of seeds I had a vision of those popcorn balls we'd eat as kids. I wasn't sure of the recipe, but after consulting my Betty Crocker Cookbook, I decided I would try to make a LARGE ball of whirly-birds. I went off to the the store to buy two large bottles of corn syrup. I cooked my sugar mixture on the stove until I thought it was done (guess it wasn't)....

Thank goodness Greg was not around to witness the the mess I created on the back porch. I had a large tub I used to stir the mixture together, then laid out on a plastic bag to try to form my ball. I had greased my gardening gloves so I would not get all stuck together.

Sadly my ball did not hold..... so I just pile up the sticky mess in a pot and put behind the garage to wait and see if any animals would be enticed to eat the whirly-bird candy treat.

Well, you win some and you lose some, even Andrew Goldsworthy can have an unsuccessful day as showed in this YouTube clip.


  1. you are too funny - I think I'd like to spend a week with you :)

  2. Oh good Renee! I'd welcome an "assistant". You could clean up all the messes I make.

  3. This is too hilarious! I love how you see things in a different light :) Your imagination blooms everyday!

  4. Did I mention that I like this art? Maybe you should do a "how to" Youtube clip.