Monday, June 1, 2009

I feel gross!

6-1-09 reassured brain
Friday evening we were going out for a causal dinner with friends. I couldn’t decide what to wear. First it was shorts, then it was capri pants, then it was long pants. It was one of those days…. I hated my face, my hair, my muffin top, and my clothes.
I finally settled on khaki pants with turquoise top with sandals. Feeling gross, I headed down stairs trying to get into a pleasant mood. As I walked into the sunroom, Greg said “I like your hair”.

It’s amazing when someone else sees you different than you see yourself! Was he just being nice, or did he really mean it?

Since Greg is always honest with me, I took his compliment and trusted that he knew best and then I decided to stop worrying about how I looked. We enjoyed a lovely evening with Ann and Roy eating dinner over at one of our local restaurants “Chef’s”. We then took a stroll around the neighborhood and then off to bed early so we could rise at a decent time with plans to attend the Des Moines Farmer’s Market.

Well, the alarm went off at 7:30AM, our idea of getting up early on the weekend, and I was actively dreaming! I couldn't get out of bed, I was still dead tired. It had been one of those nights, which happen from time to time, when I woke up at 3:00AM and laid there not sleeping, finally I decide to get up and go into the office and do some art. I finally went back to bed at 5:30AM, thinking 2 hours of sleep would help, but I think I felt worse.

Finally, I was able to force myself out of bed at 8:30 and we were down to the Farmer's Market by 9:30AM and we connected up with our friend Ann (a different Ann from last night). It was a beautiful weekend here in Iowa. Warm, sunny with a light breeze. I really should have been, and wanted to be out in the garden weeding that morning, but Greg convinced me to "play" instead. As an adult, it is easy to forget how important play is to our mental health!

I am grateful to have someone in my life who is honest, distracts me from work, reminds me to have fun.... and also likes my hair when it is messy!

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  1. It was a nice day to "play". I'll have to locate a 12-step program to learn how to play. Work work work, that's all I know how to do. Except for DrakeSmart, 290 days and counting.