Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Girl Power!

6-17-09 Strong brain

I’m working from the KC house this week. I heard some noise of children laughing and became distracted. It seems like our street in KC has many families with children. Greg is happy for this, knowing our neighborhood has young families investing in these homes. I myself do get a kick out of watching the view out our large living room picture window. So far I’ve witnessed, tree climbing, a lemonade stand which I did patronize, playing in the rain, sidewalk chalk drawing and today there was playing with the garden hose with the garbage cans!

These kids are interesting . The oldest is a girl, who is in 3rd grade, followed by three younger brothers. I would say the girl does her best to keep the boys under control. She has a loud “outdoor” voice, especially when she is selling lemonade.

This reminds me of my 80+ year old friend Vivian, who grew up in a family of boys and she was the oldest. This undeniably has shaped Vivian. Vivian is a family friend who loves saying “I’ve known Judy all her life”. Vivian first knew my father in high school, then became friends with my parents when their lives crossed paths again several years later.

Growing up, I called Vivian my “Aunt Vivian” since my real aunt lived cross country and I didn’t get to see her much. The cool thing was that my aunt and Vivian also knew each other in high school, so Vivian, along with her family, are definitely part of my family.

Vivian, like my young neighbor girl, has a strong personality, and is not afraid to speak her mind. I have been blessed to have Vivian as one of my female mentors. When I need to speak up, or speak out with my opinion, or come to the defense of someone or something…. I do my best to “channel” Vivian’s strength. Here is a picture of my mother (glasses) and Vivian (sitting on floor)....probably in the early 50’s.

I'm grateful that Vivian is still in my life today, although her body is slowly failing, her spirit is still strong, and when that time comes for Vivian to pass on, I will not only carry her memory in my heart, but also in my backbone!


  1. Nice reflection here. Don't get too DM sick now, watching those kids play. Today, hot and steamy. The plants will be growing today.

  2. That's a wonderful picture! I love Vivian's shorts and bobby socks and penny loafers! Your mom looks pretty sweet in her outfit, too! And I see some saddle shoes peeking out on the left side of the picture.

    How wonderful that you had and have such a close relationship with your "aunt". Sometimes we have stronger bonds with friends of our mothers than our actual relatives. You will miss her when she's gone. She has given you a wonderful legacy.

  3. Ah, summertime...wonderful imaginations lend to ways of keeping cool. I remember the lazy, hazy, crazy daze of summer! We all need women who are not IN our family to help us on our journey.