Monday, June 22, 2009

Trading spaces, home sweet home #2

6-22-09 decorating brain
Time for an update: many projects have occurred over the last 10 days while I have been in KC. We finally have made progress in getting the KC house more put together. We are having fun trying to furnish this place on a small budget, finding sales and using hand-me-downs.

Two weekends ago, our friend Ann from DM came to visit with her white van (the "shopping mobile" I like to call it- Ann loves to shop) and brought us a day-bed she was getting rid of. She also brought down the base of a table our neighbor was getting rid of. Both of these would be painting projects for us.

With Ann’s van we also went shopping out at Nebraska Furniture Mart looking for some sales. Our goal was to get a futon type couch for the basement to make a guest suite since the extra bathroom is in the finished basement. Besides finding an inexpensive black futon, we found a sofa table in clearance. The trick was to fit both in the van along with three people for the 25 mile ride home. We did it! Greg rode in the back.

There will be future posts on Ann’s visit later in the week….. but I am happy to report that Greg and I worked on our painting projects with great success. However, the futon was too long to get down the narrow basement steps, so this now is in the family room, which works out great.

The house is now starting to look like someone actually lives here; all we have left is an empty basement….. which in reality is refreshing, compared to all the clutter in the basement of the DM house. Also we now have several places for guests to sleep.... Come on down for a visit!

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  1. You two are quite the pair. Maybe a reality show is in order for you. The house looks spotless and the paint job, first class.

    Glad that I and my shopping mobile was able to help my friends out. Yes, return trip in August!