Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time will tell

6-20-09 Pondering brain
This week, after hearing all the news about the Iran elections, the controversy with the elections results followed by the protesting, I began pondering……. And wondering about this apparent yearning for democracy…. Or at least the yearning for a “Moderate Revolution” in Iran.

In the KC Star newspaper Friday I found two viewpoints in the opinion page. One was just a letter to the editor by a local guy who was fast to give credit to George W. Bush for planting the seeds of freedom in the Middle East…….I thought…. “Well maybe,…. but at what cost to our country?”…. However, I think it is way too soon for a statement like this. Time will tell.

The events in Tehran feel more like a Tiananmen Square moment to me. It is wonderful to see the human spirit dream and aspire towards a self-actualized life, longing for more freedoms…… but if a seed has been planted, there is a long, difficult growing season ahead. Time will tell.

The second viewpoint I was pondering was in Thomas Friedman’s commentary about the “Mideast’s Digital Revolution” and how Internet technology like Facebook, Twitter, and blogging all are playing a big roll in the grassroots movement of organizing people towards a cause.

The Internet continues to astound me. I’m just beginning to fully appreciate the power THIS technology has to change our world. Not only changing the way we communicate with each other, but also changing habits, changing how we spend our work time, our free time, our active/sedentary lifestyle, changes in the amount of information that is at our finger tips, and probably even changes in our brain. I for one am profoundly impacted by the evolution and revolution of the Internet which allows me to live both in Des Moines and Kansas City and work remotely.

Change”…. Life’s only constant…. Many, many, many changes brought about by Internet technology appear to be for the good, …… However, it may be way too soon for a statement like this as well. Time will tell.

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