Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Five Toe" sketch

6-25-09 silly brain

When in KC, I didn't have my pastels with me to work on more "toenail" sketches, so I decided to practice some sidewalk chalk drawing for the fun of it. This sketch is a bit bigger than the toenail sketches, thus I think it is appropriate to call it a "Foot" or a "Five Toe" sketch.

I've been working in Iowa City the last few days, so no time to blog.... but I promise to write one for tomorrow. You are probably tired of my "toes".


  1. That's really cute! And I love the way you tie your signature into the stems of the daisies. Nice. Hope it doesn't rain anytime soon!

  2. Sidewalk chalk art is like a Sunset.... you appreciated it for a moment.... then it's gone.

  3. Ha, so sweet! Pretty foot, and sweet chalk drawing. Love it.

  4. I like your toes and sidewalk chalk too.