Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I LOVE Wrens!

6-23-09 bird brain
I've been back in Des Moines now for a few days- just in time to see my lilies bursting with color in the front and back gardens. I am also very excited to see that the wrens have accepted to stay in the lodging I have provided them this year. They have been chatting away (I love that sound) and sneaking in and out of the green gourd. My Dad was the first to show me how to attract wrens by giving them a home. Dad has used many gourds over the years. I don’t have a drill to make a round hole, but the triangle seems to work OK for them as well.

My friend Ann gave me this other bird house for my birthday last year in the fall, so this is the first year to see if the wrens will like this style of housing. Even if the wrens decide that they don’t want to fly into that NOSE….... I’m enjoying having it hang in my back tree! Ann will have to leave a comment for me.... I believe this came from a local artist she found down at the Farmer's Market in Des Moines. Is that correct Ann?


  1. I love birdhouses... this one makes me think of my visit to the Great Ape Trust last weekend!

  2. I'm glad to hear they like the gourd-home. I often wondered if they'd use it. I have two houses on my back fence, usually the home of at least one wren family. I love their song too. :)

  3. I will confirm that the lillies are as beautiful as they look here. And the birdhouse, from a pottery guy in Ankeny who sells at the farmers market. I try to get 2 pieces each year.I love this piece if not for the birdhouse, for the look of it. Thanks for writing about it.

  4. That birdhouse is so cute! We have tons of wrens on our property. They use the bluebird houses that the bluebirds don't use. (We have too many trees.) I think they fledge several nests every year. I hear them all over the woods.

    My father-in-law has wrens that nest in an old mailbox that he put on their back porch just for that purpose. It's so cute when they bring the babies out the first time!

  5. Well maybe then wren's are as fussy about were they live as I have been led to believe. Good to know!